Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Some pics from the last few weeks...

Well we've been really busy, as usual, with work and everyday stuff. Brent got his first REAL haircut about 6 weeks ago. The first pics here are of him while I was trying to cuts his hair. Jade was taking the hair clippings and putting them on his upper lip....It was so funny! We all had a good laugh with that.

Ashlyn: riding her big girl bike again...Something she loves to do.
Out in the yard, messing around.

My big, slobbery, chocolate lab, Trapper.

A fuzzy picture I took with my camera phone. But hey, I got them together, and actually looking at me, so I posted it!

A different try at post old-school finish.
My sweet man at 10 months old!

Crawling away. Man! He can get on hands and feet and crab walk his way around everywhere in a matter of seconds! But now (at 11 months old), he's starting to standing up by himself and actually take 9-10 steps on his own! Not much longer and he'll be walking everywhere in a matter of seconds too, and gettting into everything!!!


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