Saturday, April 15, 2006

Old farmstead in North Carolina

We stopped at this historic farm in North Carolina on the way to Ohio. It's above Cherokee right before you get into Pigeon Forge. It was really pretty. Hadn't been there in a long time!

All smiles in the backseat of the car.

A strutting turkey.

I tried to get some pictures of his whole body but he was in a cage that was made of wood halfway up. But he kept strutting around and gobbling over and over again. This was the best picture I could get with wire or wood from the cage showing.

Erica and Ashlyn in Tennessee

A peahen

Appalachian Museum. Norcross, Tennessee. Peacocks were running loose at this place.

Erica + Ashlyn = Happy!

On our way back home, we stopped at a gas station in Kentucky and Erica bought Ashlyn this big flower. She plays with it all the time now!

Totally out of it!

She fell asleep while nursing after a long day. I pulled her off and snapped this hilarious picture of her. She's gonna love me for this one when she gets older.


This donkey was so mean to that horse. It kept biting its face and the horse would just stand there taking it! Poor thing.

At Belinda and Roger's horse farm in Ohio.

My little denim baby.


Uncle Brad's brother, Stan, apparently found these shed antlers in the woods near his house. He brought them over to Belinda's to show Jade and Jade was just crazy over them. So he made me take a picture of him holding them.

Redneck baby.

Enough said.

Ashlyn and her papaw

We visited my dad while in Ohio. This was the first time my dad had ever seen Ashlyn. She wasn't so sure of him though. She was burst into tears when he'd hold her!


Isn't this cute?!

Ashlyn and her cousins--Brayden and Kaysen

Road Trip!

The Vickerys and the Peningtons on the way to Ohio make a stop in North Carolina to look at an old farmstead.

Daddy and Ashlyn

Her face expression is too funny.

In the corn crib!

This was at the farmstead in North Carolina above Cherokee.

A Bantam Rooster

This little rosster just cracked me up for reason! How he struts around like he owned the farm was so funny. I took this picture at the old farmstead in North Carolina above Cherokee, right before you get into Pigeon Forge.

Morning snack.

Mo meer being lazy (as always).

Ashlyn's all smiles

Jade's cutting the grass with our NEW lawnmower...

Our brand new lawntractor. With close to 2 acres of grass to cut, a pushmower was just not going to do it. Well it did, but it took two days and close cases of heat stroke for Jade last year. So we decided to just buy a riding mower. Jade's proud of it. He actually likes cutting the grass now!