Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Holidays!

Well it's the end of year and man, was 2006 an adventure for us! Ashlyn had her first birthday, learned to walk and say lots of words. I got a new job too. No more direct patient care (for now). And Jade's becoming more comfortable with his job.

Oh and I just have to share. Last night, I took Ashlyn's clothes and diaper off to get her ready to take a bath. I thought it was cute seeing her run around the house stark naked and squealing with delight. Jade and I were sitting in the living room and Ashlyn was in her room. I THOUGHT she was playing with her toys...I yelled for her to come to me and she wouldn't answer. Finally, after about 30 seconds or so, she came running into the living room and made a clumsy lap aorund the couch. I caught a glimpse of her little butt cheeks and said I thought I saw a brown spot between her cheeks. She ran back into her room, Jade and I right behind her. Low and behold! She was squatted on the floor pointing to two big TURDS!!! She had pooped in her bedroom floor. Great. The joys of parenthood. I love it.

Today is Christmas Eve and I'm so excited for Ashlyn's Christmas in the morning. I know she's only 17 months old and she won't really understand what's going on, but the actual toys she will see will just make her face light up with joy and excitement. That makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside! I don't think there are enough presents for me to replace that wonderful feeling of seeing your child so happy.

Our Front Door!

This year was the first year we ever decorated the outside of our house with Christmas lights. I'm so proud!

My favorite picture of Bradley and Amber

I took this picture of them on my bed on Thanksgiving. I opened the blinds and let them be their silly selves. (Ok, it was actually Bradley who was being silly...poor Amber.)


She's growing so fast. Cousin Erica. As I add this picture to the site, Ashlyn's looking out the front door window shouting, "Erica! Erica!" All while keeping the pacifier intact.

Our Sweet Girl

Photographer's Child Syndrome

Note the facial expression..."I'm tired of you taking pictures of me!"