Monday, March 31, 2008

Baby Brent is 6 months old!!!

Wow. My sweet baby boy is already 6 months old. ((((sigh)))) He's growing WAY too fast! Why can't our babies be babies forever?! I love this baby stage! The total innocence, purity, helplessness, and unconditional love. The giggles and grins, the poopy diapers, the quiet and tender moments while nursing him. These days will soon be over. And my eyes well up with tears because I love him so. And I felt this exact same way with my Ashlyn. I still savor every waking moment with her. It seems like only yesterday that she was this age. And now she's almost 3. *sniff sniff* Oh how I love my babies!

Botanical Gardens

I took the kids to the botanical gardens here in Athens to snap a few pictures of them in some springtime outfits. It's SO hard to get a good image of both of them together! Ashlyn is hard alone, but pair her with her little brother Brent and it's nearly impossible to get both of them looking in my general direction!

I told Ashlyn that I'd give her a piece of candy if she'd look at me. She did--then quickly looked away and heard me press the shutterbutton on my camera--at which time she excitedly screams, "I want a piece of candy!" Yep, this is as good as it gets...

Sunday, March 02, 2008

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